NetJapan releases an Updated ActiveVisor™

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NetJapan releases the next iteration of ActiveVisor™, a centralized solution for managing ActiveImage Protector™ clients featuring a new browser-based console, and expanded license management.

Tokyo – NetJapan, Inc., publisher of backup, disaster recovery, and virtualization software solutions, announces a new release of ActiveVisor, a centralized solution for managing ActiveImage Protector backup clients. ActiveVisor now includes a new browser-based console, expanded license management, and support for Microsoft Azure.

New Features:

  • Browser-based Console
    Administrators can manage, monitor, and modify backup agents, and task schedules from any location using a new browser-based console. 
  • Expanded License Management
    New offline-mode provides client licenses on environments that are not connected to the internet. 

  • Centralized Management of Microsoft Azure Clients
    Manage Azure Virtual Clients connected to local network domains. 

  • Improved Console Performance
    ActiveVisor’s new console has improved responsiveness and lower resource consumption, resulting in smoother console operation.

  • Enhanced Client Monitoring Panel
    An auto-scroll feature in the monitoring panel displays alerts of the latest changes occurring on clients. When a monitored client’s status changes, the client’s information will automatically display at the top of the panel.

Standard Features

  • Graphical Dashboard
    The dashboard window provides a graphical representation of computers on the network, OS types, ActiveImage protected client machines, and visually draws attention to the status of task execution.
  • Client Grouping
    Clients can be grouped for management purposes. Groups can be rearranged, if necessary, based on changes to a systems configuration.

  • Detailed and Flexible Scheduling
    Schedules may be configured based on individual client requirements, or apply a predefined scheduled template to deploy a pattern-based backup schedule to batches of clients.

  • Push Install
    The Push Installer lists unmanaged clients in the Domain or workgroup, and can  remotely install the ActiveImage Protector agents to unmanaged clients.

  • License Manager
    The License Manager provides the centralized management of ActiveImage protected clients by displaying product key information for licensed client machines, and can reassign client licenses as needed. 

ActiveVisor is provided at no additional charge to ActiveImage Protector users who have valid annual maintenance contracts.

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