Success stories

Success stories

Jamey Kirby Microsoft MVP, Developer of the first Windows based snapshot technology and outside consultant for Actiphy, Inc.

“It’s been great to work as a consultant with a company that understands the backup and recovery needs of today’s businesses. The products Actiphy has produced are some of the best performing and most reliable I’ve ever seen.”

We switched to ActiveImage Protector for its ease-of-use, attactive pricing and excellent support team. ActiveImage Protector also reduced the time of our backup creation by 60%.

Toshiba Electronics

We are impressed by Actiphy’s impressive results compared to our previous tape backup solution.

Les produits développés au Japan sont de grande qualité et ActiveImage Protector n’échappe pas à la règle! Nous n’avons pas trouvé de solutions avec un meilleur ratio de déduplication/compression ! De même pour la vitesse à laquelle les sauvegardes sont réalisées… et nous avons testé pas mal d’autres solutions ! En bref, nos techniciens l’ont aimé dès le début et nous avons décidé de le sélectionné comme solution de backup proposée à tous nos clients. – Andreas Epple, Andreas Epple

In our experience, products developed in Japan are high quality and this is also true with ActiveImage Protector. We could not find a solution with a better deduplication / compression ratio! Also the backup speed is faster then what we have seen before … and we have tested quite a lot of software! Our technicians loved it from the beginning and we have decided to select it and offer it to all our clients as a backup solution.

“I’ve been testing Actiphy ActiveImage Protector and I’m pretty impressed with the deduplication functionality. Even when used at the medium (recommended) setting, there was a considerate space saving over Windows Server Backup (WSB). Using a Windows 2012 R2 that included two small VMs we ran some tests against WSB: WSB backed up the host and VMs in 2 hours and used 187GB of disk space; Actiphy reduced this to 108GB and 1hour 40 minutes.”

“I had the chance to test the pre-release of ActiveImage Protector 2016 and must say, I am really impressed with the modern dashboard and the many options it provides for running and checking backup jobs. But beyond just looks, it is apparent that Actiphy’s development team worked really hard to deliver something truly new! For example, the improved deduplication and unlimited offsite replication features are really critical to us given the large amount of customer data we manage. All in all this is a great tool – technicians, resellers and even end users will find it easy to use. I strongly recommend you have a look at it.”

“We had a CryptoLocker attack and Actiphy backup saved us.”

“One of our customers’s network got attacked by Cryptolocker via the proxy server despite antivirus beeing installed on the proxy server and local PCs. Unfortunately the user who opened the infected file had administrative rights and as a result, all the company relevant data got encrypted. Fortunately, we had installed ActiveImage Protector Server on this business critical server and the encrypted files were completely restored within the shortest possible time. Many thanks again to Martin Widera (NetJapan support technician) and the rest of the support team for guiding us through the restore process. His help was quick and unbureaucratic.”

We are a Managed Service Provider and we have been offering a lot of IT services, including Backup as a Service, during many years. In order to fulfil the requirements of our clients, we have been working with various vendors but we had decided it was time for us to reduce the number of vendors and streamline our backup solutions, without reducing the quality of our services. We also added a fourth criteria while evaluating all these solutions: the quality of the received technical support, because if there is an IT disaster and one of our technician doesn’t manage to restore the client’s system alone, we wanted a good support. Besides that, we remember the professional and close relationship we had with Mrs. Rösler, who had initially advised us about NetJapan backup and disaster recovery solutions. NetJapan has also organised certification courses that our company has attended and they have proven to be very beneficial in helping our technicians support our clients. Thank you to the NetJapan team.

We looked at Actiphy Professional Services for one of our customer. The Professional Services team went through our client’s infrastructure and needs and then gave us great recommendations on how to best set up the software. We had a fantastic personalised service which is difficult to find anywhere else. That’s what makes Actiphy special and that’s why I can only strongly recommend it.

The group that participated in the Certification consisted of a nice circle of similar minded Technicians with the most diverse collection of IT structures and backup needs and strategies. The course was in step with real situations – technical questions and task were responded clearly and concisely by a thoroughbred technician to the highest standard. The day finished far too fast, we got allot of worthwhile information and experienced lightbulb moments. Request for new feature are taken serious by NetJapan. Our recommendations are a certainty – NetJapan is an open ear software producer.

In the last years technology choices regarding the need to further ensure adequate protection of corporate data was not a priority. However, in the last 12 months, with the repeated attacks of the CryptoLocker type virus, we have had to equip ourselves with a “smart” antivirus solution (we know this still cannot guarantee 100% protection from this type of virus), and a backup and disaster recovery solution that ensures fast recovery of infected machines (PCs or servers). I heard favourable information about NetJapan from colleagues working abroad and so we decided to test this solution in-house and at our clients. It’s now been a bit more than a year that we use NetJapan and results are very satisfactory. ActiveImage Protector Server helped us quickly recover our client’s e-commerce server that had been attacked by CryptoLocker (the restore of the system plus 250 GB of data took about 1 hour and 20 minutes) with virtually no data loss. The same happened on PCs of other clients and with ActiveImage Protector Desktop, they were able to fully recover everything in less than 30 minutes. Our customer’s satisfaction was clear to see with such great performance! Last but not least, I also want to acknowledge the speed and great advice from NetJapan`s support when we required it. As well as the continuous development policy of product improvement and the sound sales and commercial support which always kept us up to date. No doubt that given the satisfaction from our clients, we will continue to propose NetJapan solutions.

ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition is a reliable and easy to set up solution that brings many benefits to virtual environments. Besides its very intuitive console this software brings a customizable follow-up of the backups set up, the setting of the backups and the restoration of data has never been so simple. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a safe and powerful backup tool.

NetJapan solutions are easy to use, efficient and working well. I have been using them since 3 years and in case of need I have always managed recovery quickly. The company is really attentive to market’s needs and in these years I had appreciated the continue grown and evolution of the solutions. I have a positive feedback also about technical support which is quick and precise.

NetJapan ActiveImage Protector is extremely fast and space-saving thanks to the built-in deduplication function. The network traffic is thus limited to a minimum and thanks to the Imageboot function, you can very quickly provide a temporary machine for a certain time. All this gives a good feeling of security even in a disaster case.

NetJapan gives me full satisfaction with backup management. I have total confidence in the software and this is reinforced by the exceptional availability of the technical support team when needed.

NetJapan helped us with the integration of their solution in our datacentre. Now we have a Powerful all-pupose backup Service and tool for our customers.

NetJapan ActiveImage Protector software is well-designed, scalable and adapted to our customers’ needs. The support service is responsive and allows us to resolve issues as soon as possible.

Urs Koller Owner, Koller-Computer GmbH (over 100 installed licences)

We are very satisfied with NetJapan’s backup solution and their technical support.

Paul Ortiz IT Technician EFZ, Stadler IT

I appreciate the very helpful, friendly and fast support at NetJapan, which is enormously important for us retailers to gain confidence in a product.

Kazihude Sugano PacificNet Co. Ltd

We switched to ActiveImage Protector for its ease-of-use, attactive pricing and excellent support team. ActiveImage Protector also reduced the time of our backup creation by 60%.

Jean-Pierre Zöbeli Owner, ComptNet GmbH

Over the last 12 months, I have equipped over 50 new customers with NetJapan, and I underline that all customers are absolutely enthusiastic about the product and the performances. No other manufacturer has a better support than NetJapan, and the sales team offers a flawless service at all times.