About Actiphy

Only One Technology

The fact is, disasters can and do happen all of the time. Thankfully, you can rely on Actiphy to protect your company’s data and IT infrastructure from any type of disaster, large or small. Under the “only one technology” philosophy, Actiphy focuses on developing and offering innovative backup and disaster recovery solutions for complete protection of all your systems and data.


One technology

ActiveImage Protector backs up Windows and Linux machines on physical and virtual environments, and restore systems and data quickly for you to be up and running with minimal downtime and data loss.

One Unique Deduplication Technology

We are proud of our Inline Data Deduplication Compression feature because data is deduped by blocks during backup processes (and not afterwards) with real minimal impact on backup and restore times. 

One instant to access data & systems

No need to wait hours or days to recover your data and be operational after an IT disaster. We provide Instant Disaster Recovery for your systems even if you are using other backup solutions!

Looks after your Business Continuity

Not every company has the same infrastructure and needs and we have solutions and answers for your Business Continuity Plan at an affordable cost. 

“It’s been great to work as a consultant with a company that understands the backup and recovery needs of today’s businesses. The products Actiphy has produced are some of the best performing and most reliable I’ve ever seen.”
— Jamey Kirby
Microsoft MVP, Developer of the first Windows based snapshot technology and outside consultant for Actiphy, Inc.


Our clients

Today we hold 20% of the image backup market in Japan and are expanding our services in the Asia/Pacific and North American regions, as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

Our major trading partners (in no specific order):

Epson Direct Corporation
Fujitsu Business Systems
Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu Software Technologies
Hewlett-Packard Co.,
Hitachi Electronics Services Co., Ltd.
JB Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.
NEC Corporation
NEC Fielding, Ltd.
Nikko Telecommunications Co., 
Nissei Com Ltd.
Nissho Electronics Co. 
Panasonic Corporation 
SCSK Ltd. 
Sharp Corporation 
SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp
Sony Corporation 
Toshiba PC System Co., Ltd.