NetJapan, Inc., Releases ActiveImage Protector™ 2018 SP2 For Hyper-V™ Enterprise With ReZoom it!™ Live

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Tokyo – NetJapan, Inc., publisher of backup, disaster recovery, and virtualization software, releases ActiveImage Protector 2018 SP2 for Hyper-V Enterprise with a new feature,  ReZoom it! Live, and support for ActiveVisor™ management console.

After a disaster, malware infection, or system failure, large multi-terabyte virtual machines can take hours to recover. ReZoom it! Live eliminates this time-gap between failure and recovery by providing system availability while recovering a virtual machine.  ReZoom it! Live boots the virtual machine from the host’s backup when the recovery process begins; bringing the virtual machine online while simultaneously recovering the VM. All changes made during the ReZoom it! Live process will be available when the recovered virtual machine is subsequently booted.

ActiveImage Protector can now create bootable media on either USB disk drives or USB flash drives. This takes advantage of the additional space provided to store backups, and the added convenience of having the backups local when using a bootable USB disk drive.

ActiveImage Protector 2018 includes task tools for verifying backup integrity and bootability, and for consolidating backup image files via post-backup processing. NetJapan’s BootCheck™ gives you confidence that your backups are bootable, whether restoring or virtualizing.

New features

  • ReZoom it! Live eliminates the time-gap between VM failure and recovery.
  • Full support for NetJapan’s new centralized management console ActiveVisor.
  • Boot Environment Builder now supports USB disk drives.
  • Post-backup processing tools now include BootCheck and backup image file consolidation.
  • Enhanced full-state file recovery now retains file and directory access rights

For more information about ActiveImage Protector 2018 for Hyper-V Enterprise, please visit here.

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