ActiveImage Protector 2022

Faster Backup

and Live Recovery Solutions

RPO: 5 minutes RTO: 5 minutes
All Business Continuity needs covered by 1 solution

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ActiveImage Protector 2022

Faster Backup

and Live Recovery Solutions

RPO: 5 minutes RTO: 5 minutes

Only One Technology

The fact is, disasters can and do happen all of the time. Thankfully, you can rely on Actiphy to protect your company’s data and IT infrastructure from any type of disaster, large or small. Under the “only one technology” philosophy, Actiphy focuses on developing and offering innovative backup and disaster recovery solutions for complete protection of all your systems and data.

One Technology

ActiveImage Protector backs up Windows, Linux machines on physical and virtual environments and restore systems and data fast for you to be up and running with minimal downtime and data loss.

One Unique Deduplication Technology

We are proud of our Inline Data Deduplication Compression feature because data is deduped by blocks during backup processes (and not afterwards) with real minimal impact on backup and restore times. Try it, you will be amazed!

One Instant to Access Data & Systems

No need to wait hours or days to recover your data and be operational after an IT disaster. We provide Instant Disaster Recovery for your systems even if you are using other backup solutions!

Looks After Your Business Continuity

Not every company has the same infrastructure and needs and we have solutions to always answer your Business Continuity Plan at affordable cost.

Need helps for doing Backup?

Our experts will solve them in no time.

    Our features

    We offer the best backup and disaster recovery solutions for every company needs.

    Years of experience
    International offices
    % Market Share in Japan
    minutes RPO and RTO
    Years of experience
    International offices
    % Market Share in Japan
    minutes RPO and RTO


    Jamey Kirby Microsoft MVP, Developer of the first Windows based snapshot technology and outside consultant for Actiphy, Inc.

    “It’s been great to work as a consultant with a company that understands the backup and recovery needs of today’s businesses. The products Actiphy has produced are some of the best performing and most reliable I’ve ever seen.”

    We switched to ActiveImage Protector for its ease-of-use, attactive pricing and excellent support team. ActiveImage Protector also reduced the time of our backup creation by 60%.

    Toshiba Electronics

    We are impressed by Actiphy’s impressive results compared to our previous tape backup solution.

    Les produits développés au Japan sont de grande qualité et ActiveImage Protector n’échappe pas à la règle! Nous n’avons pas trouvé de solutions avec un meilleur ratio de déduplication/compression ! De même pour la vitesse à laquelle les sauvegardes sont réalisées… et nous avons testé pas mal d’autres solutions ! En bref, nos techniciens l’ont…

    In our experience, products developed in Japan are high quality and this is also true with ActiveImage Protector. We could not find a solution with a better deduplication / compression ratio! Also the backup speed is faster then what we have seen before … and we have tested quite a lot of software! Our technicians…

    “I’ve been testing Actiphy ActiveImage Protector and I’m pretty impressed with the deduplication functionality. Even when used at the medium (recommended) setting, there was a considerate space saving over Windows Server Backup (WSB). Using a Windows 2012 R2 that included two small VMs we ran some tests against WSB: WSB backed up the host and…

    “I had the chance to test the pre-release of ActiveImage Protector 2016 and must say, I am really impressed with the modern dashboard and the many options it provides for running and checking backup jobs. But beyond just looks, it is apparent that Actiphy’s development team worked really hard to deliver something truly new! For…

    “We had a CryptoLocker attack and Actiphy backup saved us.”

    “One of our customers’s network got attacked by Cryptolocker via the proxy server despite antivirus beeing installed on the proxy server and local PCs. Unfortunately the user who opened the infected file had administrative rights and as a result, all the company relevant data got encrypted. Fortunately, we had installed ActiveImage Protector Server on this…

    We are a Managed Service Provider and we have been offering a lot of IT services, including Backup as a Service, during many years. In order to fulfil the requirements of our clients, we have been working with various vendors but we had decided it was time for us to reduce the number of vendors…

    We looked at Actiphy Professional Services for one of our customer. The Professional Services team went through our client’s infrastructure and needs and then gave us great recommendations on how to best set up the software. We had a fantastic personalised service which is difficult to find anywhere else. That’s what makes Actiphy special and…

    Our services


    Backup and Recovery for Windows


    Backup virtual machines


    Backup and Recovery for Windows


    Backup and Recovery for Linux

    Why should you use
    Actiphy Backup & DR solutions?

    RTO 5 min — Your systems and company are operational in a few minutes should a disaster strike, independently if your environment is physical or virtual (or mixed).

    RPO 5 min — Limit the impact of outage by backing up to 12 times an hour. Users and employees are not affected by this background process.

    Cover all your systems: Windows & Linux machines in physical or any virtual environments such as VMware and Citrix Xen, or use our host-based solution for Hyper-V.

    Replicate to any offsite or Cloud location like a datacenter, an Amazon S3 target, another office, or simply to another local target or a network location via (secure) FTP and WebDAV. Manage also your backup retention policy and consolidate your backup chains to ensure a smooth, reliable and fast restore. 

    Schedule automated boots of your backup chain to see with your own eyes that you are DisasterReady. Test and apply your Business Continuity strategy and ensure backups are working in a couple of minutes. 

    P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P — Use it across any platforms.

    Saves money by reducing onsite storage space and Cloud hosting costs with our sector-based deduplication. Our deduplication is inline and has minimal impact on backup and restore performance, unlike other solutions on the market.

    ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V even checks sectors across all VMs to save even more space!

    We believe any organisation should be able to restore their backups as soon as possible to reduce downtime and its impact on productivity. We offer Instant availability solutions to accessyour data and systems in a few minutes at a fraction of the cost of High Availability solutions. 

    Choose between outright / perpetual licences and subscription licences for even more flexibility.

    As a country, Japan is no stranger to disaster, nor is it to High Tech! For over 15 years Actiphy has been developing its proprietary technologies, quickly becoming a trusted reference in reliable backup, disaster recovery and availability for businesses representing 20% market share in its native land.

    The European offices offer sales, pre-sales and technical support in 4 languages from a team of experts. 

    Your backup solution takes ages to restore a system? Don`t worry, our vStandby Instant Availability solution recovers your system in less than 5 minutes alongside your existing solution! 

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    Don’t know how to plan and do backup for your organization?